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Jun 19, - We've all heard of or even experienced the naked locker room guy! That's the naked guy who walks around the gym locker room with no clothes on, not even a towel. Depending on your age or generation, you could end up feeling very awkward when confronted with this situation in the gym locker room. PHOTOS: A Lot Happens Inside The Men’s Shower Room / Queerty Katie. Age: 26. Hello there! They speak in code that no one else can understand, and they obsess over the "Godstream" - mysterious signals from the atmosphere that no one can quite explain. Oct 16, - And just to demonstrate that it isn't us who can't stop thinking about this shower thing, enjoy this collection of images of men in the shower presented by mainstream media, Hollywood, and the military. Showers in Advertising From the turn of the last century on, men naked together seems to have sold a lot. Harmonie. Age: 22. Excellent dancer with nice ass Showers and locker rooms: gay men's paradise Dec 3, - Gym designers have rid locker rooms of the gnarly shower curtains, trading them in for sexy glass escape pods. They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Comfy couch corners, Wi-Fi and lockers with built-in locks have gone from swank options to standard issue. “Everyone wants to get upgraded. The latest Tweets from Lockerroom Guys (@LockerroomGuys). The Twitter account of a lover of all things Locker Room, especially the wet, naked men within!. London, England.

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Sindy. Age: 30. i enjoy life, moments, time, events, people, i love to meet new people, give and pass with them incredible time and my vision and state of mind with you Jun 29, - Please don't pee in the shower. But man, I agree with the majority of comments. The really weird stuff is guys thinking there's something wrong with being naked in a locker room. That really creeps me out. Those guys are the strange ones. Maybe build your own gym/pool where you hand out cute little cover. Nov 7, - Anyway, in the US, I think it's a recent thing that guys would feel uncomfortable being nude or seeing other guys nude in the locker room. In my Dad's high School and many others at the time, the guys gym class all swam naked. Military in the field showers naked (or used to). Shouldn't be a big deal. Unless. Apr 19, - Welcome to the men's shower room, otherwise known as a breeding ground for all sorts of homoeroticism. A study conducted by Olay found that 29 percent of males have fantasized about getting down and dirty in the shower. Aquaphilia refers to the sexual fetishism of water and/or partaking in sexual.


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