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Dec 31, - Aphrodite's Aspirations. So, this story came into my head right the heck out of nowhere. I know there are many other stories that deal with retellings of the Greek gods and goddess, but I don't know if this has ever been done before, so we will see how this is received. This story contains Adult subject matter. Aphrodite and Eros - Incest/Taboo - canarischeeilanden.info Odile. Age: 29. Kisses xxx She was topless wearing a red sarong signifying her level of servitude to her Goddess. Elena meets the goddess, and makes a shocking discovery. A goddess is lured in a trap. A human, a mermaid, and the Gods who hate it. Sequel to Mirror Bound: Is Lukas truly the master of love? Sex with a goddess brings unexpected consequences for Joseph and other exciting erotic at canarischeeilanden.info! Yuffie. Age: 24. I am thus frank and natural offering my privacy ... I expect you to be respectful of that in advance thank you and see you soon! ‘aphrodite’ stories You are cordially invited to Aphrodite's Palace for a celebration of the most erotic kind. For your participation lovely lady, you will be given a large sum of money. The sum will be more than enough to cover your tuition and living expenses for your college education. RSVP to this address and airline tickets will be mailed to. *The following is an incest erotica based on Greek mythology between Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her son Eros, the god of love.* Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was relaxing in her temple upon the peak of Mount Olympus. She had watched mortals all morning at their various sexual activities, and had gotten quite.

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Princess. Age: 28. Height: 5'10 Aphrodite was fed up. Not only was she the most beautiful and seductive of the Goddesses, born out of the beauty of the seas but to be married to the most grotesque, homely and unmanly of the Gods! Hephaestus she sneered her contempt at her absent husband. At the forge again! Oh, to be sure he was muscular. However, once her morning chores were finished, she would be allowed to participate in the worship services on the Temple grounds. She had been given this opportunity when she became of age and sacrificed her virginity to the Goddess Aphrodite in an exceptionally beautiful, incredibly erotic ceremony she would never. Read Chapter Aphrodite from the story Percy Jackson Erotica by fuck_you_14 (Steven Beutler) with canarischeeilanden.info been invited to a party on Olympus so he.


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