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Nov 3, - i think they could be. my family is like that 2 and we r all bisexual. i dont think most polygamy homes r like ours tho. most of them r pretty quiet abt sexual stuff. "Sister Wives" presents another kind of alternative family - AfterEllen Aza. Age: 29. Flirty, young stripper to bring sunshine to your day Paul, because he lived in the Roman world, which was monogamous and there lesbianism did destroy and prevented marriage and was not a complementary bisexual activity. Jul 27, - Vanessa, Hazel, and Lady proudly wear T-shirts displaying the words “Sister Wives” and “Pauliegamy.”As for Kody Brown, the patriarch of TLC's reality television show Sister Wives, the question must come up, is the New Jersey man Paulie and his three bisexual wives really what marriage is supposed to. Stevie. Age: 18. I am going to hotel invitations only Lesbian Sister Wives And Their Story Nov 25, - We've all read the Book of Mormon and it's believed that a large majority of sister wives are actually lesbians. Take a look to find out more! Oct 12, - 'Sister Wives' is mixing stereotypes of polygamy, reality television The latest family whose television celebrity seems to be distilling to scandal is the Brown family of the show "Sister Wives." The former and sometimes-still . family but still! Unicorns = bisexual women ergo hippogryphs = bisexual men?

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Monicka. Age: 24. if you looking for nice company for 1h or few days, contact me :-) Apr 1, - THE DISCUSSION OF THE RELATION BETWEEN SISTERWIVES IS RARELY ADDRESSED. MOST CLAIM NOT TO BE BISEXUAL BUT A SHARING AND MOST INTIMATE LOVE SEEM TO BE SHARED BETWEEN THE WOMEN BECAUSE OF THE RELATIONSHIP SHARED WITH THE SAME HUSBAND. Aug 10, - If you live in Utah or watch Big Love, you can guess what it's about. Sister Wives features the Browns, a fundamentalist Mormon family that includes one husband and four sister wives. (I realize that they are technically not Mormons, but that's what they call themselves.) It's the story of a man named Kody. Mar 7, - The people we are going to lose if we accept bisexuality of sister wives are, most of them, anti-polygynous anyway. We can win lesbians to Christian a minute before you “protest”.and UNDO their lesbianism and win them for family and marriage. We can stop them form exchanging the.


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